Tunisia, Year Zero

Directed by Feriel Ben Mahmoud

52 minutes / Color
French; Arabic / English subtitles
Release: 2012
Copyright: 2011

On January 14th, 2011, the people of Tunisia took to the streets in mass protest and toppled the government of Ben Ali. The event has a tremendous impact in the region which triggers the Arab Spring. Following the revolution, Tunisians make the radical choice to draft a new state constitution. Called to the urns for the first free elections of their history, the citizens of Tunisia will have to choose which model of society they wish to live in. Islam, secularism and women's status become the major themes of a campaign under high pressure.

Following the events day by day, TUNISIA, YEAR ZERO tells the story of a difficult birth: that of the first democracy in the Arab world. In 6 months, no less than 110 political parties were created. In this political turmoil, a few of them emerge: the Islamist party Ennhada seduces those disappointed with the revolution. Some other modernist parties, such as Ettakatol and the PDP, are divided on the content of their policies as well as on which strategy to adopt. Leading the polls, Ennahdha will confirm its success in the elections with more than 90 seats out of 217.

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How could these results be predicted? TUNISIA, YEAR ZERO gives the reasons for the outcome of the elections.

"Records the magic and excitement in Tunisia after Mohammed Brouazizi’s departure [and] charts the tumultuous birth of an Arab democray. A solid introduction." —Lynne Rogers, Al Jadid Magazine

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  • 2012 MESA FilmFest, Middle East Studies Association


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