Bisexual Virgins: Crossing the Line

From The Fanlight Collection

Directed by Suzanne Babin & Leona Gilbert

43 minutes / Color
Release: 2009
Copyright: 2008

"I think bisexuality is quite invisible. It's very likely that there are far more bisexuals out there than we know." - Corey Silverberg, Sex educator, Toronto

Bisexual Virgins follows two small town young women, Tina and Samantha, who are unsure about their sexual identity but want to explore the possibility that they may be bisexual. "Bi-curious" might be a more accurate description of their state of mind at the start of this provocative film, which follows them as they confront their fears and inhibitions, and begin to explore Toronto's active bisexual scene.

Both women have lived straight lives until the cameras roll, and entering the ambiguous world of bisexuality is a challenge. Tina works in Human Resources for a large company and spends much of her time with her "best buds" from back home. Sam is finishing college and works part time as a yoga instructor. Becoming friends, they check out bisexual bars, bisexual workshops and, in frustration, a seminar on bisexual flirting, all while trying to connect with other women for possible relationships.

In the process, both women change their views about their sexuality as well as the way they see each other. But not even they could have foreseen where they would arrive by the films ending. This engaging, non-confrontational documentary forces us to look at the fluidity of sexuality in a whole new way.

"Recommended. It is an honest, revealing, and sensitive exploration of sexual identity and would support curriculum in health education, sociology, and psychology."—Educational Media Reviews Online

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Suzanne Babin & Leona Gilbert


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