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  • AdamaAdama - An animated coming-of-age tale of a young African boy searching for his brother, who has left home to fight in the First World War.

  • Adieu Paris - An comedy about eight "kings of Paris" meeting for lunch.

  • After Love - An intimate drama about the emotional and financial complexities of a separation, and the complexity of the end of a long love story.

  • Amira - A Palestinian girl's world is turned upside down when she learns the man she grew up idolizing is not her real father.

  • The AssistantThe Assistant - A suspenseful drama-thriller in the vein of classic Hitchcock, centering on a mother's revenge for the accidental death of her son.

  • B

  • Balloon - Based on one of the most daring escapes from East Germany during the Cold War.

  • Black Box - A taut, suspenseful thriller about a black-box analyst with an extraordinarily acute ear, who is investigating a deadly plane crash.

  • C

  • The Chef's Wife - Karin Viard and Emmanuelle Devos star together for the first time as two women who want more out of life-at work and at home

  • Citizens of the WorldCitizens of the World - Gianni Di Gregorio directs and stars in this comedy about three retirees who decide to move away from Rome to find a better standard of living.

  • Conviction - As a juror at Jacques Viguier’s trial, Nora (Marina Foïs) is convinced that he did not kill his wife. This intuition quickly becomes an obsession.

  • The Country Doctor - When a countryside doctor finds out that he suffers from a serious illness, he is left with no choice but to find a replacement.

  • D

  • Down by Love - Based on a true story, a young inmate falls in love with her married prison director.

  • F

  • A Family for 1640 DaysA Family for 1640 Days - The lives of foster parents Anna and Driss are upended when their foster son's biological father resurfaces and attempts to regain custody.

  • The Freshmen - Follows two medical students, Antoine and Benjamin, as they experience the intensity of their first year of medical school.

  • G

  • Gallant Indies - By bringing together urban dance and opera singing, can a new generation of artists storm the Bastille today?

  • The Girl in the Fog - Based on the internationally acclaimed novel of the same name, THE GIRL IN THE FOG follows the sudden disappearance of Anna Lou, a 16-year-old girl from a small mountain village in the Italian Alps.

  • The Girl with a BraceletThe Girl with a Bracelet - A precise courtroom drama about a 16 year old girl accused of murdering her best friend.

  • Goliath - The lives of a teacher, a lawyer, and a lobbyist become intertwined.

  • Granny Nanny - In the search of a new perspective, three retirees become “Granny-Nannies" and each get a child to take care of after school.

  • The Great Game - A onetime darling novelist disgusted with the publishing world, lets a duplicitous government insider tempt him into ghostwriting a manifesto designed to transform the landscape of French public opinion.

  • GuyGuy - Starring and directed by French filmmaker and comic Alex Lutz, GUY is a witty, warmhearted mockumentary about a seventy-something pop star who has seen better days and a son's attempt to retrace the life of the father he never knew.

  • H

  • The Heiresses - Chela and Chiquita, both descended from wealthy families in Paraguay, have been together for over 30 years. Recently their financial situation has worsened and when their debts lead to Chiquita being imprisoned on fraud charges, Chela is forced to face a new reality.

  • Hippocrates: Diary of a French Doctor - A darkly comic portrait of a Paris hospital as seen through the eyes of a young intern.

  • How to be a Good Wife - Juliette Binoche stars in this comedy about how to be a good wife.

  • I

  • In HarmonyIn Harmony - An injured equestrian stuntman (Albert Dupontel) develops a bond with his insurance agent (Cécile De France).

  • In Her Name - A gripping and emotional legal drama based on a true story that moved France for three decades.  Starring Daniel Auteuil and Sebastian Koch.

  • In Safe Hands - The second feature film from actress-turned-filmmaker Jeanne Herry (NUMBER ONE FAN) takes us deep into the world of French human services, where the fate of one baby exposes the conflicting fears and desires of the many people involved.

  • In the Shadow of Women - A close look at infidelity and the particular, divergent ways in which it's experienced and understood by men and women. Directed by Philippe Garrel.

  • The Invisible WitnessThe Invisible Witness - An Italian noirish thriller about a man accused of murder.

  • It's For Your Own Good - This unlikely trio of fathers decide to form a secret pact with one goal: the sons-in-law have to go!

  • J

  • Josep - In an internment camp for refugees from the Spanish Civil War, a guard and an artist, Josep Bartoli, befriend each other.

  • Jupiter's Moon - Tackles eternally mythic themes and contemporary political issues with visually mind-bending aplomb

  • Just a SighJust a Sigh - An imaginative and lushly filmed Parisian romance, with masterful performances by Emmanuelle Devos and her acclaimed co-star Gabriel Byrne.

  • K

  • A Kid (Le Fils de Jean) - A Parisian who finds out that the father he never knew has died and decides to go to his funeral in order to meet his two siblings in Quebec.

  • L

  • Las Leonas - Following the lives of immigrant women on a soccer team in Rome.

  • The Last Tycoons - This 8-part documentary series highlights the men and women, who from 1945 to 1980, produced landmark French films that influenced cinema for generations to come.

  • LourdesLourdes - Following numerous pilgrims, LOURDES is an insightful meditation on the human capacity for empathy and hope.

  • M

  • The Mafia Kills Only in Summer - A semi-autobiographical romantic comedy of childhood and first love, set in the tumultuous world of 1970s Italy.

  • Maguy Marin - Offers remarkable footage of live performances, as well as first person interviews with the choreographer, Maguy Marin, whose work is daring, moving and continues to defy convention.

  • Monsieur & Madame Adelman - The decades-spanning tumultuous romance of a quintessentially French couple.

  • My Dog StupidMy Dog Stupid - A bittersweet and moving comedy about love standing the test of time, starring iconic real-life couple Charlotte Gainsbourg and Yvan Attal.

  • Mystery in St. Tropez - An incompetent and near-retired inspector is called in to solve a possible murder plot perpetrated at a billionaire's party in Saint-Tropez.

  • N

  • Never Too Late for Love - A sweet romantic comedy directed by and starring Gianni di Gregorio. A generous portrait of aging, friendship, love, and the possibility of second chances.

  • Next Time I'll Aim for the Heart - Cédric Anger wrote and directed this chilling chronicle of notorious serial killer Alain Lamare.

  • Nicholas on HolidayNicholas on Holiday - School's out! Between the beach and the hotel, with his friends and family, Nicholas is really going to enjoy a holiday to remember.

  • Night Shift - Three cops in Paris have the night to decide one man’s fate.

  • No Date, No Signature - A seemingly minor traffic collision has far-reaching consequences for a medical examiner haunted by the death of a child he might have prevented.

  • Number One Fan (Elle l'Adore) - Muriel's idol shows up on her doorstep one night and turns her life upside down.

  • O

  • OliviaOlivia - A newly restored print of this 1950 feminist film about girls at a boarding school exploring their discovery of love and attraction.

  • On the Way to School - Follows four children on their long and challenging journeys to school, in Kenya, Morocco, India and Argentina.

  • One Nation, One King - After the storming of the Bastille, a young French couple begins to realize dreams of emancipation in a newly formed assembly where they witness the creation of a new political system.

  • The Outsider - A true story of France's greatest financial scandal and Jérôme Kerviel (Arthur Dupont), the low-profile young trader who was held responsible. 

  • P

  • PapichaPapicha - A student passionate about fashion design refuses to let the tragic events of the Algerian Civil War keep her from experiencing a normal life

  • Peaceful - A mother and son deal with his cancer diagnosis. Starring Catherine Deneuve.

  • The Perfect Nanny - Adapted from the eponymous novel by Leïla Slimani, the film offers a true pedestal to Karin Viard who seizes with formidable mastery this role of a disturbed nanny whose mask of perfection gradually cracks.

  • Perfumes - This nuanced and delightful dramedy stars Emmanuelle Devos (Read My Lips, Number One) and Grégory Montel (Call My Agent) as two people who just might need each other more than they realize.

  • R

  • Return of the HeroReturn of the Hero - A delightful screwball farce with surprising depth starring Jean Dujardin and Mélanie Laurent.

  • Ricordi? - A love story, seen through the memories of one young couple.

  • Rojo - When an innocuous dinner date ends in a startling altercation with a stranger, Claudio’s apparently placid lifestyle is disrupted, and fault lines begin to appear in the frictionless surface of his professional and domestic existence.

  • Rookies - In the heart of Paris, a prestigious high school takes an audacious bet: integrate students from working-class districts and help them through dance and hip hop.

  • S

  • The Salt of TearsThe Salt of Tears - A pinpoint-precise and economical study of young love from veteran filmmaker Phillipe Garrel.

  • Santiago, Italia - Told through the testimonies of those who were there during Chile's military coup, Santiago, Italia is a chilling depiction of living under junta rule and an ultimately inspiring expression of hope amidst dire circumstances.

  • School of Life - A French coming-of-age story and a beautiful filmed love letter to the countryside.

  • The Silent Revolution - A gripping and true story set in 1956 in East Germany of a group of students who saw their life changed forever by a harmless human act of solidarity during the early stage of the Cold War.

  • SistersSisters - A family's relationship is shaken when Zorah (Isabelle Adjani), the eldest, decides to write a play based on the haunting and traumatizing events of their childhood.

  • Sol - A tango singer returns to Paris to meet her young grandson.

  • Spare Keys - This tender coming-of-age story follows a teenage girl who begins a relationship with her friend's brother.

  • The Student and Mr. Henri - An old man lets a student live in his apartment for free in exchange for ruining his son's marriage.

  • SunstrokeSunstroke - Academy Award®-winner Nikita Mikhalkov delivers an epic saga, a magnificent love story and portrait of Russia recalled during the glory days before its fall.

  • The Sweet Escape - A midlife crisis propels graphic designer Michel into a newfound passion for kayaking and a pastoral adventure sparkling with good humour and lighthearted charm.

  • T

  • A Tale of Love and Desire - Follows Ahmed as he falls deep in love with Farah, and although literally overwhelmed with desire, he will try to resist.

  • 10 Days with Dad - Antoine, a middle-aged workaholic, is in for a shock when his wife goes on vacation and leaves him with their 4 kids.

  • The TestThe Test - A positive pregnancy test causes a family's life to unravel.

  • This Is Our Land - A fictionalized story of an attractive working-class single mother in the North of France who naively agrees to run for mayor.

  • Three Summers - Over a trio of summers, a caretaker for luxury condominiums (Regina Casé) relies on her resourcefulness to take advantage of whatever comes her way, in Sandra Kogut’s humorous and inventive feature.

  • Tokyo Shaking - Alexandra, a French bank employee based in Tokyo, experiences the 2011 Fukushima disaster and needs to decide between putting her job or her family first.

  • V

  • A Violent LifeA Violent Life - A Corsican radical risks his life by returning to the island where a death warrant awaits.

  • Viva la Liberta - Toni Servillo plays two roles in this elegant and chilling story about world politics.

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