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Films & DVDs Released in 2010
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Fall 2010 Releases
Click here for the Spring, 2010 releases

  • All Restrictions End - Reflections on Islam and clothing, Iranian cinema, Persian painting and more characterize this thought-provoking artistic documentary. (new September, 2010)

  • Banking the Unbanked - As a team of managers in Gambia try to build a microfinance business, they learn that the loans may be small - but the stakes are very high. (new September, 2010)

  • Behind the Rainbow - An in-depth exploration into the recent internal conflicts of the ANC in South Africa, leading to Jacob Zuma's election as president. (new September, 2010)

  • Congo in Four Acts - A quartet of short films (on one dvd) that lay bare the reality of everyday life in the Democratic Republic of Congo. (new September, 2010)

  • Disco and Atomic WarDisco and Atomic War - The Soviet regime in Estonia went head to head with J.R. Ewing and the heroes of Western television...and lost. (new September, 2010)

  • Earth Keepers - A global quest to meet key visionaries working on innovative approaches to building an environmentally sustainable future. (new September, 2010)

  • Final Fitting - Showcases the changing cultural styles of Iran and its clerical elite through its portrait of one master tailor and his time-honored craft. (new September, 2010)

  • For the Best and for the Onion! - A verite documentary that captures the rhythms of agricultural life in Niger, and how the vagaries of market price and harvest can affect the most intimate personal decisions. (new September, 2010)

  • Glassy-Eyed - After painter Bill Utermohlen was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, he began his greatest body of work - a decade-long series of self-portraits chronicling his journey into dementia. (new September, 2010)

  • Japan, The Emperor and the Army - Examines how Japan's demilitarization in the months following the WWII continues to resonate today — in Japanese politics, national identity and cultural influence on the international stage. (new September, 2010)

  • K.O.R. - An insider's look at Poland's dissident Workers Defense Committee - and how the group's actions led directly to the formation of the Solidarity union and the end of Poland's Communist regime. (new September, 2010)

  • The Koran: The Origins of the Book - Explores the origins and history of the Koran - where Muslim tradition and scientific research converge. (new September, 2010)

  • Ladies in Waiting - A maternity clinic in the Democratic Republic of Congo copes with its patients' lack of money while trying to provide the best-intentioned care. (new September, 2010)

  • Loss - An examination of German Jewish life and culture and the lasting intellectual, moral and spiritual void that loss has meant to their fatherland. (new September, 2010)

  • Middletown - This classic series, created by Emmy and Academy Award winner Peter Davis, explores both the continuity and the change embodied in the people and institutions of one Midwestern community: Muncie, Indiana. (new September, 2010)

  • Open Sky - When an open-pit silver mine comes to an isolated, desert community in Argentina, corporate and government interests clash with those of the local population. (new September, 2010)

  • Petropolis: Aerial Perspectives on the Alberta Tar Sands - The Alberta tar sands, the world's largest industrial, capital and energy project has far-reaching environmental impact. (new September, 2010)

  • Presumed Guilty - A searing examination of the Mexican criminal justice system through the case of one man, wrongly accused of murder. (new September, 2010)

  • Rabbit à la Berlin - 2010 Academy Award Nominee, Best Documentary Short Subject. The history of the Berlin Wall from the rabbits' point-of-view. (new September, 2010)

  • Shadi - Moved by the economic hardships of the Iranian theater troupe the "Joy Makers" world-renowned French stage director, Ariane Mnouchkine invites them to perform in Paris. (new September, 2010)

  • Siah Bâzi: The Joy Makers - A look at how folkloric entertainment is challenged by modern political and economic changes in Tehran. (new September, 2010)

  • State of Mind - Therapist Albert Pesso trains mental-health care works in Kinshasa, Congo, in a technique to help genocide survivors overcome the traumas they witnessed and endured. (new September, 2010)

  • Stolen Land - Illustrates the decades-long often violent resistance movement of the indigenous Nasa people of Colombia over rights to their native land. (new September, 2010)

  • Surrounded by Waves StillSurrounded by Waves - A global exploration of the health impacts of electromagnetic waves in our wireless technology. (new September, 2010)

New Releases from the
Fanlight Productions

  • Awakening from Sorrow: Buenos Aires 1997 - Documents the power to transform pain into action and to lift the veil of repression that has gripped a generation of young people orphaned by Argentina's 'Dirty War.' (new September, 2010)

  • Dying to Live - Captures a year in the lives of four people waiting for life-saving organ transplants. (new January, 2011)

  • Famous 4A - Set in a hospice care center, captures the bond shared between patients and caregivers, grown children and their ailing parents, while challenging stereotypes of aging and dying. (new September, 2010)

  • Flying People - A world champion kite flyer shares his passion for flight with a man blind from birth in this tale of friendship that challenges our notions of disability. (new September, 2010)

  • Left in Baghdad StillLeft in Baghdad - An American soldier returns from Iraq without his left arm and adapts to life with new physical challenges. (new September, 2010)

  • Luckey - A highly engrossing family drama about a successful artist who must cope with his sudden paralysis following an accident. (new September, 2010)

  • Song of the Soul: Stories of Hospice in South Africa - An inside look at urban and rural hospice centers across South Africa that provide community-based compassionate care in the face of widespread poverty. (new September, 2010)

  • Stroke - A personal film diary of a man's rehabilitation from a life threatening brain-stem stroke. (new September, 2010)


Spring 2010 Releases
Click here for the Fall, 2010 releases

  • Food DesignFood Design - A look inside the secret chambers where designers and scientists are defining your favorite mouthful of tomorrow. (new January, 2010)

  • Grand Paris - French President Nicolas Sarkozy wants to turn Paris into the model super-metropolis for the 21st century, and plenty of world-class architects would like the job. (new February, 2010)

  • Henry Miller - An intimate and revealing look at Henry Miller, and his life and work through this program from the archives that originally aired on television in Quebec in 1969. (new January, 2010)

  • Jack Kerouac - A charming program from Quebec television 40+ years ago. Jack Kerouac talks about his childhood, writing On the Road and the origin of the word "beat." (new January, 2010)

  • Paris, 19th Century - Architectural historian François Loyer, an expert on 19th-century Paris, examines the foundation of the modern city in Georges-Eugène Haussmann's massive "renovation" of the 1860s. (new February, 2010)

  • Paris Ring - The story of the road round Paris, the most significant 'redevelopment' project in Paris since Haussmann's time. (new February, 2010)

  • Stolen Art - In New York City in 1978, an unknown Czech artist by the name of Pavel Novak held an exhibit entitled Stolen Art. (new January, 2010)

  • TaggedTagged - Playful, smart and engaging, TAGGED stealthily taps into a widespread sense of unease raised by the technological development of human implanted microchips. (new January, 2010)

  • This Way Up - Near Jerusalem, the construction of the separation wall continues, a few feet from a senior citizens' home. (new January, 2010)

  • Three Songs about Motherland - A film about collisions between the past, present, and future in three Russian cities today. (new January, 2010)

  • Views on Vermeer - 10 contemporary artists and writers invite us to discover or re-discover the painter's work, and to appreciate it in new ways. (new February, 2010)

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