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Films & DVDs Released in 2002
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Fall 2002 Releases Click here for the Spring releases
  • Caught in the Crossfire - Chronicles three diverse Arab New Yorkers - a beat cop, a minister, and a high-level diplomatic correspondent - as they wrestle with their place in wartime America. (new September, 2002)

  • Chain of Love - A film about the Philippines' second largest export product - maternal love - and how the international trade in love and care affects the women involved, their families, and ours in the West. (new September, 2002)

  • A Child's Century of War - Takes the viewer on a journey through the past century - the bloodiest in history - from the perspective of children, and tells their stories in their voices. (new September, 2002)

  • Citizen Bishara - Introduces us to the most emblematic of Israel's Palestinian citizens: the MP Azmi Bishara. (new September, 2002)

  • Cul de Sac - An allegory for a working class suburb in decline, this film investigates the story of Shawn Nelson, who stole a tank and went on a rampage through the residential streets of Clairemont, CA. (new September, 2002)

  • CultureJam - A film about the movement called Culture Jamming. Pranksters and subversive artists are causing a bit of brand damage to corporate mindshare... (new September, 2002)

  • Epoca - How is history created? What does or does not enter our memory? By staging a variety of historical fragments, this meditative documentary challenges the idea of "authentic" history. (new September, 2002)

  • Everything Must Come to Light - This documentary focuses on the lives of three dynamic lesbian women who are sangomas (traditional healers) living in Soweto, South Africa. (new September, 2002)

  • First Kill - Compellingly brings out the contradictory feelings that war evokes - fear and anger, but also seduction, fascination and excitement. With Michael Herr (Apocalypse Now, Dispatches). (new September, 2002)

  • From The Other Side - Using technology developed for the military, the INS has stemmed the flow of illegal immigration in San Diego. But for the desperate enough, there are still the deserts of Arizona, where renowned filmmaker Chantal Akerman shifts her focus. (new September, 2002)

  • Human Weapon - The first in-depth, sober examination of the history of suicide bombing. Filmed in Iran, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Israel, Palestine, Europe and the United States. (new September, 2002)

  • La Commune - Based on a thorough historical research into the Paris Commune of 1871, this film leads to an inevitable reflection about the present. (new September, 2002)

  • Last Summer Won't Happen - Shot in 1968, one year after the Summer of Love, this is a critical yet sympathetic examination of the anti-war movement in New York City. (new September, 2002)

  • Letters From Home - The filmmaker delves into a startiling family secret: her grandfather, a successful Chinese immigrant, was also husband and father to a second family in China. (new September, 2002)

  • Sociology is a Martial ArtSociology is a Martial Art - A new documentary about the world famous, highly influential sociologist Pierre Bourdieu, whose 40 books and countless articles represent a brilliant renovation and application of social science. (new September, 2002)

  • Time of the Locust - Critically examines American involvement in Vietnam through a compilation of American, Japanese and Vietnamese combat footage. (new September, 2002)

  • The Universal Clock - Could there be an alternative to run-of-the-mill TV? The film introduces us to Peter Watkins, who for the last three decades has proven that quality TV may be made without compromise. (new September, 2002)

  • The Virgin Diaries - Two young women journey through Morocco in search of answers to their questions about virginity, sex and Islam. (new September, 2002)

  • Working Women of the World - Focusing on Levi Strauss & Co., examines the relocation of factories from Western countries to nations like Indonesia, the Philippines, and Turkey, where low wages are the rule and employee rights are nonexistent. (new September, 2002)

Spring 2002 Releases Click here for the Fall releases
  • Bush Mechanics - This Aboriginal-produced TV series follows the exploits of the Bush Mechanics. Traveling through the Australian outback, they solve multiple car problems with inventive bush repair techniques to overcome various challenges. (new January, 2002)

  • Close, Closed, Closure - Made with an Israeli and Palestinian crew, this film shows the growing desperation of the men and women who live in the Gaza Strip. (new May, 2002)

  • For Man Must Work - A provocative look at the future of labor in the changing global economy. (new January, 2002)

  • It's My Life - Zackie Achmat, a leading AIDS activist in South Africa, has refused to take anti-retroviral medicines until they are made available by the government in public hospitals and clinics. (new February, 2002)

  • Justice and the Generals - Investigates the human rights and legal issues involved when two Salvadoran generals face suit in an American court for atrocities (such as the murder of four American churchwomen) committed during El Salvador's civil war. (new June, 2002)

  • Mille Gilles - The thought and ideas of the French philospher Gilles Deleuze, and his impact on creative work and communities around the world. (new January, 2002)

  • On Snow's Wavelength, Zoom Out - A documentary on artist Michael Snow, regarded as one of the great innovators and theoreticians of the film medium, as informative and enjoyable as it is beautifully constructed. (new April, 2002)

  • The Pinochet Case - The story of the landmark legal case against General Augusto Pinochet of Chile, before and after his arrest in London in 1998. The new film by Patricio Guzmán. (new April, 2002)

  • Shadow Play - With recently declassified documents and interviews with newly liberated Indonesians, offers a startling new interpretation of events that shaped modern Indonesian history and changed the destiny of Southeast Asia. (new June, 2002)

  • 6000 A Day - The story of how the world's top decision makers knowingly failed to prevent the spread of the AIDS epidemic. (new February, 2002)

  • The Spectre of HopeThe Spectre of Hope - Critic and writer John Berger and photographer Sebastião Salgado. A searing examination of imagery and images, the abyss, hope, and globalization. (new February, 2002)

  • The Tube - Have the physiological effects of watching TV been kept secret for decades? A journalist penetrates the heart of the TV and advertising industries in Europe, Japan, and the U.S. to find out. (new April, 2002)

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