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Films & DVDs Released in 2024
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Spring 2024
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  • Coconut Head Generation - A group of students from Nigeria's University of Ibadan organize a film club, transforming a small theater into a political gathering where they refine their vision and develop a critical voice.

  • A Murder in Abidjan - An unflinching look at the brutal methods used by the Abidjan police chief to investigate the murder of a police officer.

  • Film StillOk Joe! - Explores the rape and murders committed by the US army against French civilians after WWII.

  • Film StillLyd - Explores the Palestinian city, people who live there and the trauma left by the 1948 massacre and expulsion.

  • Roubaix, Police Department, Ordinary Business - Cops in Roubaix, France deal with ordinary and not-so ordinary business while trying to solve a murder.

  • The Shooting on Mole Street - A gripping documentary that follows two cops verité-style, while capturing the complex dynamics of a community where selling drugs is seen as the only option for many young men.

  • Stories of A - Shot in Paris in 1973, this feminist film on the fight for abortion rights is both a fascinating historical document and a reminder of the critical importance of civil disobedience.

  • Film StillNikah - Captures the uncertainty of a young woman living in the Uyghur region, who is at a personal crossroads.

  • Terrorists in Retirement - Jewish French resistance fighters remember fighting the Nazis to bring their WWII struggle to light.

  • Film StillTogoland Projections - A film director shows long forgotten, historical footage of Togo to modern day audiences.

Fall 2023
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  • Film StillEarly Short Films of the French New Wave - Short films from the French New Wave.

  • Eastern Front - 6 months on the front lines of war with a Ukranian medical unit. Co-directed by Vitaly Mansky.

  • Education and Nationalism - Documents the Japanese government’s re-writing of textbooks and education to support their political point of view.

  • The First Year - Patricio Guzmán's previously unreleased documentary about the first twelve months of Salvador Allende's presidency. Released in French by Chris Marker.

  • Film StillThe Two Lives of Eva - The complicated, traumatic story of a young woman, the filmmaker's mother, a well-off, Polish Lutheran before WWII, who afterwards married a Jewish Warsaw ghetto survivor.

  • Violette Leduc: In Pursuit of Love - A biography of French author and memoirist Violette Leduc.

  • My Father - A short film in memory of Esther Hoffenberg's father, who was a Polish Holocaust survivor.

  • Welcome to Nuclear Land - Hoffenberg travels through Normandy to reveal the frightening reality of what it means to live with nuclear power.

  • As if It Were Yesterday - Traces how thousands of Jewish Belgian children were saved during the Holocaust.

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