Directed by Nicolette Krebitz

97 minutes / Color
/ English subtitles
Release: 2016
Copyright: 2014

Nicolette Krebitz’s long awaited third feature WILD, shocked and awed audiences at the 2016 Sundance festival. A seductive, dark trip into the soul of civilized humanity, WILD is a strange, dream-like journey of sexual and spiritual liberation.

Ania (an extraordinary Lilith Stagenberg) is a 20-something office drone with a creep for a boss. Outside the office, her only social interaction involves Skyping her uninterested sister and visiting her comatose grandfather in hospital. One day when walking alongside a wooded area near her apartment she locks eyes with a feral grey wolf. This encounter sparks an animalistic primitivism within her that quickly turns into an obsessive desire to hunt down and conquer the beast.

“That Wild works as a film is in no small part due to a fearless Lilith Stangenberg, who gives an absolutely stunning performance as Ania.” —ScreenAnarchy

“Wild is a top-notch portrait of alienation that doesn't skimp on carrying its bestial themes to their logical and often moist conclusions.” —SF Weekly

“A blend of creature feature, erotic thriller and coming-of-age drama, this German film from Nicolette Krebitz is as arresting as it is unclassifiable.” —The New York Times

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  • Sundance Film Festival 2016


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