The Price of Change

Directed by Marilyn Gaunt

26 minutes / Color
Release: 1982
Copyright: 1982

For 60 years, Egyptian women have been gradually entering all sectors of the public work force. Work outside the home, once considered shameful, has today become a necessity. Today, nearly 40% of Egyptian women contribute in some way to providing the family income.

THE PRICE OF CHANGE examines the effect of working on five women, including a factory worker, a doctor, and an opposition member of Egypt's Parliament, to present a picture of changing attitudes toward work, family, sex, and the woman's place in society.

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"Provides glimpses into the lives of a variety of contemporary Egyptian women… [and] sets their difficulties in the context of changes that pose problems for the entire nation."—Psychology of Women Quarterly

"[THE PRICE OF CHANGE] Illuminates the lives of rural and urban women in Egypt today."—Science Books and Films

Ways to Watch

Colleges, Universities, Government Agencies, Hospitals, and Corporations

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Elizabeth Fernea
Marilyn Gaunt

Select Accolades

  • 1984 National Women's Studies Association Conference


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