On the Edge of Peace

Directed by Ilan Ziv

103 minutes / Color
Release: 1998
Copyright: 1995

On the Edge of Peace has the distinction of being the first Israeli-Palestinian co-production ever.

This groundbreaking documentary chronicles the first year of the implementation of the Israeli-Palestinian accords as experienced by both Palestinians and Israelis from all walks of life. Three Palestinians and three Israelis were given video cameras to document their lives and the lives of their communities over a six month period during this turbulent and dramatic time.

The result is an emotional, personal portrait of this moment of historic change: The signing of the peace accords in Washington, the delay of the withdrawal from Gaza, the Hebron massacre, and finally Arafat's arrival in Gaza.

The diarists stories are juxtaposed with news footage, offering a multiplicity of viewpoints of these momentous events.

"This myriad of gripping portraits reveals the everyday lofe of Palestinians and Israelis, recording their dreams, frustrations, and fears"—Abdeen Jabara, Cineaste

"Each of these stories is absorbing in its own right. The most celebrated filmmaker in the world could learn something from the fresh and varied perspectives brought to light by this group of unknown beginners."—Adina Hoffman, The Jerusalem Post

Ways to Watch

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Daoud Kuttab, Ilan Ziv & Amit Breur
Ilan Ziv

Select Accolades

  • 1995 Montreal World Film Festival