Ordinary People - The Peacemakers

Directed by Clifford Bestall

26 minutes / Color
Release: 1994
Copyright: 1993

This inaugural episode of ORDINARY PEOPLE visits the 1993 rallies in Vosloorus township commemorating the Sharpeville massacre of 1961. Historically an occasion for demonstrations of unity and resistance to apartheid, this day became more dramatic when separate opposing assemblies were convened by both the Inkatha Freedom Party and the African National Congress.

THE PEACEMAKERS introduces four people at Vosloorus: Gertrude, an Inkatha-supporting Peace monitor; Faith, her ANC counterpart; David, an organizer for the regional peace committee; and Clive, a policeman. As the day progresses, the truce between the warring parties is continually tested, even while all work determinedly to keep at bay the violence that has marked the conflict between these parties.

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