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A Country's Journey
Five Films by Patricio Guzmán
"The Battle of Chile" to "Nostalgia for the Light"
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From THE BATTLE OF CHILE, filmed in black and white, on 16mm film, in the midst of social upheaval and revolution, to NOSTALGIA FOR THE LIGHT, filmed with modern digital technology, filled with vibrant colors, poetic connections and introspection, Patricio Guzmán's epic body of work is the unprecedented record of one country's journey and one filmmaker's evolution.

Born in Santiago de Chile in 1941, Guzmán is one of the leading documentary filmmakers in the world. He studied filmmaking at the Film Institute at the Catholic University of Chile, and at the Official School of Film in Madrid. After the 1973 Chilean coup Guzmán left the country and has lived in Cuba, Spain and France, where he currently resides. Six of his films have premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, including THE BATTLE OF CHILE, THE PINOCHET CASE, SALVADOR ALLENDE, and NOSTALGIA FOR THE LIGHT, for which he received the Grand Award from the European Film Academy in 2011.

Guzmán's THE BATTLE OF CHILE remains one of the most widely praised documentary films of all time, and was named "one of the 10 best political documentary films in the world" by Cineaste. His films have been extensively screened worldwide and he's been the subject of numerous film retrospectives, most recently at the British Film Institute, Harvard Film Archive, and BAMcinématek. In 2013, he was invited to join the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences.

The FIVE FILMS BY PATRICIO GUZMáN eight-disc box set offers an extraordinary opportunity to experience the work of one of the world's leading documentarians, the only director with two films in the top 20 of Sight & Sound's list of Greatest Documentaries of All Time. It contains:

  • First-ever comprehensive survey of Guzmán's work, representing a 35 year span of Guzmán's films over eight DVDs
  • 24-page booklet with a new essay written by José Miguel Palacios
  • Exclusive feature-length film about Guzmán, FILMING OBSTINATELY, MEETING PATRICIO GUZMáN (2014) by Boris Nicot, an intimate journey of the filmmaker's work in the shadow of the tumultuous history of Chile.
  • Guzmán's most well-known and highly praised works:
  • THE BATTLE OF CHILE: PART ONE (1975), PART TWO (1976) and PART THREE (1978), the epic and universally acclaimed chronicle of Chile's open and peaceful socialist revolution, and of the violent counter-revolution against it in 1973.

    CHILE, OBSTINATE MEMORY (1997), the poignant portrait of a nation battling with historical reminiscences.

    THE PINOCHET CASE (2001), the haunting story of the landmark legal case against General Augusto Pinochet before and after his arrest in London in 1998

    SALVADOR ALLENDE (2004), the poetic and definitive portrait of the Chilean leader; and

    NOSTALGIA FOR THE LIGHT (2011), the gorgeous, personal meditation on astronomy, archaeology, and politics.

"A box set you truly can't afford to miss!"CriterionCast

"A quintet of Guzman's most influential and potent works."Los Angeles Times

"Mr. Guzmán's belief in eternal memory is an astounding leap of faith."The New York Times

"What the world knows of Chile in the 1970s, it knows through the films of Patricio Guzmán."Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"Guzmán's movies have the thrust of manifestoes and the layered richness of epic novels."New York Magazine

"If you're a fan of Patricio Guzmán, or the act of film editing, [FILMING OBSTINATELY] is the perfect film for you."Toronto Film Scene


775 minutes / color
Spanish (w/ English subtitles)
Release: 2015
Copyright: 2015
DVD Sale: $79.98

This DVD is sold above for home video use only. If you require a license for institutional use or Public Performance rights, click here.

Subject areas:
Cinema Studies, Film History, Latin America, Latin American Studies

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The Pinochet Case: The story of the landmark legal case against General Augusto Pinochet of Chile, before and after his arrest in London in 1998.

The Battle of Chile: The epic chronicle of Chile's open and peaceful socialist revolution, and of the violent counter-revolution against it in 1973, now on a special edition 4-DVD set.

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