Christopher Walker

Christopher Walker has been producer, director, and associate producer of over 20 documentaries for international television.

His film The Dreamers of Arnhem Land tells how Aborigines ensure their cultural survival in northern Australia. Previous films for European television include Regopstaan's Dream, the story of how the last surviving South African Bushmen are reclaiming their land in the Kalahari Gemsbok National Park, The Cow Jumped Over the Moon, presented in ten international film festivals and winner of four major prizes, and Hard Drive, a documentary on the cyber-information war for Channel Four (UK).

His film Trinkets and Beads, the story of one small Amazon tribe's fight against international oil companies, was completed for HBO/CINEMAX and was broadcast in 20 countries. The film has received numerous awards, including Best Independent Film at the North-South Media Encounters, Geneva1997, Best Film at the Windy City International Documentary Film Festival, Chicago, 1998, Golden Spire, San Francisco International Film Festival 1997, Golden Apple, USA National Educational Media Network 1997 and was selected as an "outstanding documentary of the year" by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.

His previous film, Taxi to Timbuktu, was completed for Channel Four and has been broadcast on PBS and worldwide. It was "Pick of the Day" in seven British newspapers and praised by The Independent (UK) as "a fascinating portrait of people straddling worlds of barely imaginable contrast." It received a Certificate of Merit at the Chicago International Film Festival and has been showcased at the Museum of Mankind (London), FIPA '94 (France), Melbourne International Film Festival (Australia), and the Royal Anthropological Institute 5th International Festival of Ethnographic Film (UK).

Over the past ten years he has produced and directed current affairs reports worldwide. Subjects include land rights in Brazil, tobacco in Malawi, famine in Southern Africa and Mexican migration to the U.S. for the Life series on BBC World Television, political change in Eastern Europe, Central America, Africa, and South East Asia including Human Rights in Burma and Sex Slavery in Thailand, The Truth Commission in El Salvador for PBS (Rights & Wrongs), Worldwide Television News (WTN) Channel Four News (UK), NOS (Netherlands) and other broadcasters.

He was Executive Producer of the documentary We Ain't Winnin' (The War on Drugs) and Associate Producer of numerous documentaries on international affairs. He has also produced and directed two documentaries for the United Nations Population Fund on immigration and health issues and a documentary on Vitamin supplementation for UNICEF.

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The story of Fulani cattle herders in West Africa using U.S. satellite imaging technology to find grazing and water for their herds during drought.

Christopher Walker | 1999 | 52 minutes | Color

The two Aboriginal elders who set out to save their community from cultural extinction by combining traditional knowledge and contemporary scientific expertise.

Christopher Walker | 2005 | 50 minutes | Color | English

Continuing the story started in TRINKETS AND BEADS (1995), in Ecuador, the Waorani people resist the destruction of one of most remote and beautiful areas of the world.

Christopher Walker | 2019 | 90 minutes | Color | Spanish; English | English subtitles | Closed Captioned

Men from Mali seek work in New York, Paris, and Tokyo.

Christopher Walker | 1995 | 51 minutes | Color

The oil company MAXUS and Huaroni Indians of the Amazon.

Christopher Walker | 1996 | 52 minutes | Color