Alice Arnold

Alice Arnold is a non-fiction filmmaker and an educator. Her films and photography work explore the urban environment and visual culture. Her most recent film is Electric Signs, which explores signs, screens, public space issues, and visual culture.

Her work has been screened at the Museum of Modern Art, among other festivals and venues, and she is a recipient of a Fulbright Fellowship (Film, Hong Kong) and a New York Fellowship of the Arts (Photography).

In addition to making media she also teaches media studies and media production at the School of Communication at American University.

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Explores the effects of new screen-based advertising sign systems on urban environments and public space.

Alice Arnold | 2013 | 58 minutes | Color | English

An amusing but informative look at the psychological, social and economic issues surrounding the modern American obsession with straight, white teeth.

Alice Arnold | 2007 | 26 minutes | Color | English

A lively study of visual culture, and an exploration of an age-old urban cultural phenomenon, street art. What is art's role in the context of public space and urban culture?

Alice Arnold | 2006 | 30 minutes | Color | English