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  • Alive! - What happens when five HIV-positive gay men spend a week preparing for their first solo parachute drop? (new January, 2017)

  • Anais Goes to War - A young woman's struggle to start her own farm. (new January, 2017)

  • Animal Machine - From exploiting the cow’s physical body to manipulating its cells, a new 21st-century farm animal is under construction. (new January, 2017)

  • Antiracket - In southern Italy, a group of shopkeepers stand up to the "tax" imposed by the local mafia. (new January, 2017)

  • Art and Oligarchs - Newly-minted Russian art collectors have many reasons for investing in fine art, some more sleazy than others. (new December, 2016)

  • B

  • Barcelona or Die - Madou, a Senegalese fisherman, risks his life on an illegal boat to Europe. (new December, 2016)

  • Beauty Parlor in Rio - Meet Dr. Pitanguy, the "Golden Scalpel" at a leading Brazilian plastic surgery clinic. (new December, 2016)

  • Bestseller - Why do some books become bestsellers? This documentary examines the phenomenon in today's global publishing industry. (new December, 2016)

  • Between Two-Spirit - Neither man nor woman, Chris is a "Two-Spirit," in between genders. (new January, 2017)

  • Business Club - Join young Viscount Arthur de Soultrait in the run-up to his wildly elaborate birthday/brand relaunch party. (new January, 2017)

  • C

  • The Caste Struggle - A controversial affirmative action policy in India has brought about unprecedented social and political change. (new December, 2016)

  • The Coach Machine - Despite having been eliminated from popular TV show The Voice, Luc has a 3-year plan to become a millionaire. Will his dream become a reality? (new December, 2016)

  • D

  • A Day with... - Eight African filmmakers each contribute a documentary portrait of the life of a different West African child. (new December, 2016)

  • F

  • Fevers - Dr. Maman moves freely between Western medicine and ancestral magical recipes. (new December, 2016)

  • First Passion - Largely overlooked by historians and film buffs, the curious 1912 epic "From the Manger to the Cross" depicted the life of Jesus. (new December, 2016)

  • H

  • The Healer's Syndrome - Many African AIDS patients consult with tranditional faith healers for their medical care. (new December, 2016)

  • I

  • Imaginary Feasts - In Nazi concentration camps, Japanese war camps and Gulag labor camps, starving prisoners risked their lives to document fantasy recipes. (new January, 2017)

  • J

  • Journey to the West - Six countries in 10 days! A group of Chinese tourists visits Europe at whirlwind speed. (new January, 2017)

  • K

  • Kigali Shaolin Temple - Kigali Shaolin Temple is a kung-fu club in Rwanda started by a group of orphans from the genocide. (new December, 2016)

  • Kings of the Wind and Electric Queens Still
  • Kings of the Wind & Electric Queens - A colorful, sensory experience of the Sonepur Fair in India. (new January, 2017)

  • M

  • Mina's Recipe Book - Before dying of starvation in a concentration camp, Mina carefully recorded her favorite recipes, hoping they would somehow make it to her daughter overseas. (new December, 2016)

  • A Modest World - A film about ordinary people who transform insignificant things into works of art. (new January, 2017)

  • N

  • A Normal Life: Chronicle of a Sumo Wrestler - The dreams and disenchantments of a teenager who is discovering the reality of the traditional world of sumo. (new December, 2016)

  • P

  • Picasso and Sima, Antibes 1946 - In 1946, Pablo Picasso asked fellow artist Michel Sima to document Picasso's artwork-in-progress. (new January, 2017)


  • Raw Beauty - Explores the immense influence of artists deemed to have psychological illnesses on 20th-century art history. (new January, 2017)

  • S

    Sleeping Souls Still
  • Sleeping Souls - A political hireling working for “United Russia” explains the cold inner mechanic of the system. (new January, 2017)

  • Smoking Kills - Thomas is a hardcore smoker, and he's going to give it up. (new December, 2016)

  • Snake Dance - A reflection on the Promethean dimensions of nuclear power, following German-born Aby Warburg and Robert Oppenheimer, inventor of the atomic bomb (new January, 2017)

  • Stony Paths - Following in his great-grandfather's footsteps, Arnaud undertakes a trek across Anatolia to study the Armenian Genocide. (new December, 2016)

  • T

  • Tehran Has No More Pomegranates - This musical comedy plays with fact and fiction to depict contemporary Iranian life. (new December, 2016)

  • They're Selling the Wind - An exploration of the carbon market's fight against global warming, a speculative, impalpable market, and sometimes irresponsible market. (new December, 2016)

  • V

  • Voyage in G Major - At 91 years of age, Aimé decides to finally fulfil his dream of travelling to Morocco. His photographer grandson goes with him. (new February, 2017)

  • W

  • With God On Our Side - A comprehensive six-hour series treating one of the most important political and cultural stories in contemporary America: the rising power of the Religious Right from 1950 through the 1990s.

  • The Writers of Today - A series of dialogues with five of the foremost writers of the twentieth century.

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