Films & DVDs Released in 2011

Fall 2011 Releases
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  • As a Young Girl of Thirteen - Holocaust survivor Simone Lagrange vividly recounts her experiences in Auschwitz, and the role she played in bringing Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie to justice. (new September, 2011)

  • Berlin 1885: The Division of Africa - The story of the first international conference on Africa, which established its division amongst the European powers, and created Congo as a personal possession of the Belgian king. (new September, 2011)

  • A Better Life - Returning to Todos Santos after 30 years, a look at the profound economic and social changes that have transformed this Guatemalan Mayan village. (new September, 2011)

  • A Boatload of Wild Irishmen - The life and work of legendary director Robert Flaherty ("Nanook of the North"), the "father of documentary." (new September, 2011)

  • Boyamba Belgique - The day before Congo gained independence, the sabre of the Belgian king Baudouin was stolen by a young Congolese. Fifty years later the filmmakers search for him, and discover the meaning of his act. (new September, 2011)

  • Branding Illness - A documentary exposé of how pharmaceutical companies create demand for the drugs at their disposal, and buy the science they need to prove their effectiveness. (new September, 2011)

  • Cycling the Frame - A quirky 1988 documentary in which Tilda Swinton tours the circumference of the Berlin Wall on a bicycle. (new September, 2011)

  • El SicarioEl Sicario - The story of a hitman for the drug cartels, in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. (new September, 2011)

  • El Velador - From dusk to dawn Martin watches over the extravagant mausoleums of Mexico's most notorious Drug Lords. (new September, 2011)

  • Guañape Sur - A barren rock island off the coast of Peru. Every eleven years hundreds of men come here, to dig up guano, the shit the birds leave behind. (new September, 2011)

  • Ice - An innovative independent thriller, shot in New York City, which centers on a revolutionary group plotting to attack a fascistic political regime. (new December, 2011)

  • Impunity - What is the cost of truth for families damaged by Colombia's violent past? (new September, 2011)

  • Kapitalism: Our Secret Recipe - Twenty years after Ceausescu, Romanian GDP is low and infrastructure poor. Featuring interviews with the oligarchs who control the Romanian economy, this documentary seeks to find out what happened. (new September, 2011)

  • Marcel Ophuls and Jean-Luc Godard - In Geneva, Switzerland, film directors Marcel Ophuls and Jean-Luc Godard meet for a surprisingly intimate and sometimes contentious dialogue. (new October, 2011)

  • Milestones - A lilting, free-associative masterpiece that follows dozens of characters as they try to reconcile their ideals with the realities of American life. (new December, 2011)

  • Mr. CO2Mr. CO2 - Traveling from Copenhagen to China, and from Australia to the US, this documentary looks at the state of carbon emissions and efforts to rein them in. (new September, 2011)

  • The Nine Muses - John Akomfrah's remarkable meditation about chance, fate and redemption. (new September, 2011)

  • Our Daily Poison - Reveals how everyday chemicals—pesticides, Aspartame and plastics—may be slowly poisoning us. (new September, 2011)

  • Post-Carbon Futures - The world will have to survive without fossil fuels - sooner, rather than later. What are the alternatives? (new September, 2011)

  • The Siege - The story of the siege of the Palace of Justice in Bogota, Colombia in 1985. 35 armed guerrillas take hundreds hostage. Almost the entire Supreme Court ends up dead. (new September, 2011)

  • Where Are You Taking Me? - Revealing, multifaceted portraits of Ugandans in both public and private spaces. A gentle, observational and contemplative documentary. (new September, 2011)

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New Releases from
The Fanlight Collection

  • Alzheimer's Disease: Inside Looking Out - Through the stories of eight people with Alzheimer's disease, this touching video gives viewers a real and vivid sense of what it's like to experience the early stages of progressive memory loss. (new September, 2011)

  • At the Breaking Point - Short video excerpts that reflect on several crucial aspects of family caregiving-from the effects of Alzheimer's on the spousal relationship to the right to die with dignity. (new September, 2011)

  • Boy In The World - Following four-year-old Ronen, a young boy with Down syndrome, this intimate documentary concretely demonstrates that inclusive preschool classrooms benefit both children with special needs and their typical peers. (new September, 2011)

  • Elder Project - An engaging collection of short stories from our diverse community of the elderly. (new September, 2011)

  • Freedom of Sexual Expression - Looks at sexuality and intimacy as basic human rights for those living with a decreased cognizance in a nursing home. (new September, 2011)

  • Learning To Speak Alzheimer's - Applying the basic concepts of habilitation the video shows how to create a suitable environment in which the person can lead a quality life through proactive adjustments. (new September, 2011)

  • Making Every Moment Count - Addresses the complex issues surrounding palliative end-of-life care for children. Psychologist Leora Kuttner profiles five children with life threatening illness, and the families and health professionals who support them. (new September, 2011)

  • A Mother Never Gives Up Hope - Shares the candid and powerful stories of Ruth, Lova, Anne and Rita—four women who are dealing with abuse at the hands of an adult son. (new September, 2011)

  • One in Eight - Janice was 33 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. This is an irreverent and highly personal look at one woman's fight with a disease that affects one in eight women. (new September, 2011)

  • Outside In - Spanning nine years, Dr. Kasia Clark's story reveals how the human spirit can combine with medicine, complementary therapies, support, athletics, and art to challenge cancer. (new September, 2011)

  • Outsider - Judith Scott has Down syndrome, is deaf, and does not speak. Yet after 35 years of institutionalization, with the help of a sister who never gave up on her, she emerged to create a series of sculptures that have fascinated and mystified art (new September, 2011)

  • Vital Signs - An edgy, raw documentary exploring the politics of disability through performances at a national conference on disability and the arts. (new September, 2011)


Spring 2011 Releases
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  • Anatsui at Work - A swift instructive look at the artist El Anatsui demonstrating his process, and discussing his theories. (new May, 2011)

  • Elsewhere - An epic journey through voices and sounds from elsewhere. Landscapes, outlooks on the world, outlooks on life: Desert, snow, valley, jungle, ice, rainforest. An homage to humanity at the beginning of the 21st Century. (new January, 2011)

  • Facebook's "Adorno Changed My Life" - In our hyper-connected isolation in social networks, names have become tags, words are links, and none of the interfaces are innocent. (new February, 2011)

  • Fold Crumple CrushFold Crumple Crush: The Art of El Anatsui - A powerful portrait of Africa's most widely acclaimed contemporary artist El Anatsui. (new April, 2011)

  • The Invisible Frame - A filmic journey starring Tilda Swinton as she traces the former Berlin Wall via bicycle. (new January, 2011)

  • Love Limits - Two people with intellectual disabilities and cerebral palsy are united in their commitment to each other and to living their lives with dignity and grace. (new March, 2011)

  • Hotel TerminusHotel Terminus - Marcel Ophuls' Academy Award winning examination of the Nazi officer Klaus Barbie, the infamous "Butcher of Lyon," weaves together 40 years of footage and interviews. (new January, 2011)

  • Nostalgia for the Light - Director Patricio Guzmán travels to Chile's Atacama Desert where astronomers examine distant galaxies, archaeologists uncover traces of ancient civilizations, and women dig for the remains of disappeared relatives. (new January, 2011)

  • Prosecutor - At the International Criminal Court, Luis Moreno-Ocampo investigates and prosecutes war criminals, government and militia leaders worldwide. (new April, 2011)

  • The Strange Disappearance of the Bees - World-wide survey of the latest science on the endemic decline of bee colonies, implications,.and what might be done about it. (new April, 2011)