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Snake Dance
A film by Manu Riche & Patrick Marnham
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The knowledge needed to build the atomic bomb was not given to us, it was consciously pursued. And the world has been living with the consequences ever since. SNAKE DANCE is a personal reading of humankind’s catastrophic decision to play God.

From New Mexico to Congo and Japan, this film explores the atomic legacy and the indelible stamp it has left on the world by following the tracks of two characters who forged this story: German-born Aby Warburg who studied the Pueblo Indians of Los Alamos, and Robert Oppenheimer who will always be known as the inventor of the ultimate weapon of mass destruction.

The Buyens-Chagoll Prize - Visions Du Réel - Nyon 2012
The Night Award - Festival international Signes de Nuit 2013
Grand Prix Festival A NOUS DE VOIR 2013
Winner, PLANETA.doc International, Brazil 2015

75 minutes / color
Release: 2017
Copyright: 2012

Subject areas:
Ethics, Globalization, History (World), Politics, Science, Science and Technology, Science and Technology, Streaming only, World War II

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