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Capitalism: a six-part series
The Storytellers
By Ilan Ziv
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Main Speakers:

Dr. Robert Boyer

Dr. Robert Boyer (France), Episodes 1–6
Professor (Directeur d' Etudes) at the University of Paris, President of the Association of Research and Regulation, Member of the Executive Council of the Society for Advancement of Socio Economics, an international inter disciplinary academic organization.

Dr. Ha-Joon Chang

Dr. Ha-Joon Chang (Korea/UK), Episodes 2, 3
Reader in the Political Economy of Development, Faculty of Economics University of Cambridge, author of Bad Samaritans and 23 Things They Don't Tell You About Capitalism.

Prof. Noam Chomsky (US), Episode 2
Linguist, Philosopher, MIT

Dr. Alan Ebenstein (US), Episode 5
An Author and a scholar, Professor of Economics in the University of California, Santa Barbara. Author of Friedrich Hayek: A Biography, as well as several other books dealing with political thinkers.

Prof. Stuart Ewen (US), Episode 1
Stuart Ewen is Distinguished Professor in the Department of Film & Media Studies at Hunter College, and in the Ph.D. Programs in History, Sociology and American Studies at The CUNY Graduate Center (City University of New York). He is generally considered one of the originators of the field of Media Studies, and his writings have continued to shape debates in the field. He is the author of a number of influential books, including PR! A Social History of Spin (1996) and All Consuming images: The Politics of Style in Contemporary Culture (1987; 1999).

Mary Gabriel

Mary Gabriel (US), Episode 4
Author of Love and Capital

Prof. James Kenneth Galbraith (US), Episode 5
Lloyd M. Bentsen, Jr. Chair in Government/ Business Relations, Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, and Professor, Department of Government, The University of Texas at Austin. Visiting Scholar, The Brookings Institution, 1985.

Dr. Lewis Gordon (Jamaica/US), Episode 2
Temple University Prof. of Africana Philosophy and Visiting Professor of Philosophy at the University of the West Indies at Mona Jamaica.

Dr David Graeber

Dr. David Graeber (US), Episodes 1, 3, 6
Graeber is the author of the acclaimed book Debt: The First 5000 Years. He is also one of the founders of Occupied Wall Street movement and an Anti Globalization activist. Dr. Graeber is a professor of anthropology in the London School of Economics.

Dr. Yuval Noah Harari (Israel), Episodes 1, 2
Lectures at the department of history in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Areas of Teaching: Military history, medieval history, World History. Author of the international best seller "From animals into gods"- a short history of mankind

Prof. David Harvey (UK/US), Episodes 2, 4
Professor Emeritus in the City University of New York and London School of Economics. Author of several books on Marx and his work.

Prof. Carol Heim (US), Episode 4
Department of Economics, UMASS/Amherst

Dr. Michael Hudson

Dr. Michael Hudson (US), Episodes 1, 3, 5, 6
A research professor of Economics at the University of Missouri, Kansas City and research associate of the Levy Economics Institute of Bard College. He has been economic advisor to the Icelandic, Chinese, and Latvian and Mexican goverments. He is a former Wall Street Analyst.

Ho Fung Hung (China), Episodes 1, 3
Associate Professor of Sociology at John Hopkins University

Prof. Kari Polanyi Levittt

Prof. Kari Polanyi Levitt (Canada), Episodes 1, 5, 6
Kari Polanyi Levitt is Emerita Professor of Economics at McGill University, Montreal, and was the George Beckford Professor of Political Economy at the University of the West Indies, Mona from 1995 to 1997. She has been Visiting Professor at the Institute of International Relations in Trinidad and has served as an Economic Planning Adviser to the Government of Trinidad and Tobago. Kari is the only daughter of Karl Polanyi.

Dr. Philippe Norel (1954–2014) (France), Episode 1, 2
Professor of Economics Poitier University France

Prof. Nicholas Philipson (UK), Episodes 1, 2
Honorary Research Fellow University of Edinburgh. Dr. Phillips on has held visiting appointments at Princeton, Yale, Tulsa, the Folger Library, Washington DC and the Ludwig-Maximilian Universidad, Munich.

Thomas Piketty

Prof. Thomas Piketty (France), Episodes 3, 4, 5, 6
French economist who works on wealth and income inequality. He is professor at the École des hautes études en sciences sociales, professor at the Paris School of Economics and Centennial professor at the London School of Economics.

Prof. Abraham Rotstein (Canada), Episodes 5, 6
Professor of Political Economy, University of Toronto. Member of the Executive Board of the Karl Polanyi Institute of Political Economy

Lord Robert Skidelsky

Lord Robert Skidelsky (UK), Episodes 1, 2, 5
Emeritus Professor of Political Economy at the University of Warwick His three-volume biography of the economist John Maynard Keynes (1983, 1992, 2000) received numerous prizes, including the Lionel Gelber Prize for International Relations and the Council on Foreign Relations Prize for International Relations. He is the author of the The World After Communism (1995) (American edition called The Road from Serfdom). He was made a life peer in 1991, and was elected Fellow of the British Academy in 1994. He is chairman of the Governors of Brighton College.

Yanis Varoufakis

Prof. Yanis Varoufakis (Greece), Episodes 4, 6
Professor of Economic Theory at the University of Athens, Greece, Economist in residence Valve corporation USA. Visiting Professor, Lyndon B. Johnson Graduate School of Public Affairs, University of Texas, Austin, USA. Varoufakis was Greece's finance minister from January 2015-June 2015.


Academic Consultant:

Dr. Eric H. Mielants (Belguim/US), Episode 1
Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, College of Arts and Siences Fairfield University. Author of The Origins of Capitalism and the Rise in the West.


Additional Interviewees:

Peter Boffinger (Germany), Episode 5
Member of the German Council of Economic Experts

Camille Chalmers (Haiti), Episode 3
Economist and Director of the Hatian Platform for an Alternative Development (PAPDA)

Dr. Alberto Chirif (Peru), Episode 1
Peruvian Anthropologist, National university of San Marcos

Daniel Daianu (Romania), Episode 4
Former Finance Minister, Member of the European Parliament

Simon Fairlie (UK), Episode 1
A sustainable food advocate, a farmer and a writer

Prof. Walter Farber (Germany/US), Episode 6
Historian and Linguist Chicago University Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations

Bruno Ferrari (Mexico), Episode 3
Mexico, Secretary of the Economy

Joschka Fischer (Germany), Episode 6
Germany's Former Foreign Minister

Prof. Arnold Harberger (US), Episode 5
Economist, Professor Emiritus, University of California, Los Angeles

Prof. Dennis Hodgson (USA), Episode 3
Sociologist, Fairfield University (Connecticut). A specialist on issues of demographics.

Tristram Hunt (UK), Episode 4
Historian, Labour Party MP, United Kingdom

Simon Johnson (UK/US), Episode 3
Former Chief Economist IMF, Ronald A. Kurtz Professor of Enterpreneurship at the MIT Sloan School of Mamangement. Senator. Fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics.

Pascal Lamie (France), Episode 3
Former Director General of the World Trade Organization (WTO)

George Magnus (UK), Episode 4
Former Chief Economist of USB Bank

Jason Manolopoulos (Greece), Episode 6
Investment Fund manager, Author

Misu Negritou (Romania), Episode 4
President of ING Romania

Luca Niculescu (Romania), Episode 4
Journalist, Radio France int'l, Romania

Kevin Noonan (US), Episode 4
Biotechnology Patent lawyer

Dr. Kwame Osei (Ghana), Episode 3
Historian, Author

ART Reyes (US), Episode 3
Former Head of UAW Local 651, Flint Michigan

Vandana Shiva (India), Episode 4
Author, Environmental Activist, India

Dr. Aseem Shrivastava (India), Episode 4
Enviornmental Economist

Terri Stangl (US), Episode 3
Executive Director, Center for Civil Justice, Flint Michigan

Toshiaki Taguchi (Japan), Episode 5
Former President of Toyota USA

Dr. Wang Ming (China), Episode 1
Chinese Historian Beijing University

Dr. Matias Vernengo (Brazil), Episode 3
Professor of Economics, Bucknell University. Visiting professor at University of Rio.


320 minutes / color
Closed Captioned
Release: 2015
Copyright: 2014
Sale: $498

Subject areas:
Business, Business Ethics, Business and Economics, Economics, Economic Sociology, Europe (West), Globalization, Historiography, History (World), Labor Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Political Theory, Politics, Sociology

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Capitalism: An ambitious but accessible six-part series that looks at both the history of ideas and the social forces that have shaped the capitalist world.

Episode 1: Capitalism is much more complex than the vision Adam Smith laid out in The Wealth of Nations. Indeed, it predates Smith by centuries and took root in the practices of colonialism and the slave trade.

Episode 2: Adam Smith was both economist and moral philosopher. But his work on morality is largely forgotten, leading to tragic distortions that have shaped our global economic system.

Episode 3: The roots of today's global trade agreements lie in the work of stockbroker David Ricardo and demographer Thomas Malthus. Together, they would restructure society in the image of the market.

Episode 4: Have we gotten Marx wrong by focusing on the Communist Manifesto instead of on his critique of how capitalism works - a critique that is relevant and as penetrating as ever?

Episode 5: The ideological divide between the philosophies of John Maynard Keynes and Friedrich Hayek has dominated economics for nearly a century. Is it time for the pendulum to swing back to Keynes? Or do we need a whole new approach that goes beyond this dualism?

Episode 6: An exploration of the life and work of Karl Polanyi, who sought to reintegrate society and economy. Could the commodification of labour and money ultimately be as disastrous as floods, drought and earthquakes?

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