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A Mobile World
A Film by Jean-Michel Mariou, Francine Raymond & Jean-Paul Gerouard
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What can we expect or fear in an increasingly mobile world? How radically will technology alter the ways in which we live, work and play? A MOBILE WORLD takes a comprehensive look at the current digital revolution and the growing concerns over the ever-widening digital divide. Crossing the globe, the filmmakers interview industry professionals on the leading edge of the technological revolution, as well as prominent sociologists who believe the telecommunications boom will further widen the gap between developed and developing nations. From Helsinki, Finland - birthplace of Nokia and Ericsson, where 6 out of 10 people own a mobile phone, to Africa's Ivory Coast, where owning a cellular phone is still a practically unaffordable luxury, this film offers a fascinating and informed assessment of the information age.

The rise of the Internet and the development of new communication technologies - unforeseen just a few years ago - has engendered a verifiable information revolution. With considerable sums of money at stake, large telecommunication companies are racing to find original ways to implement the latest advancements in technology. Nokia and France Telecom are working tirelessly to complete a cellular network that when operational will transport not only sound but images, unifying mobile technology and the Internet. Although projects such as this are still many years and hundreds of billions of dollars away from completion, telecom corporations are already flooding the airwaves with commercials that promise a utopian future through products and services that haven't been invented yet.

A MOBILE WORLD examines how telecommunication companies employ idealized, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural images to sell anything from cellular phones to laptops. It presents opposing viewpoints from sociologists who argue that while telecommunication technology has extraordinary benefits and possibilities, countries that don't have access to these technologies - whether due to a lack of financial resources or a capable communications infrastructure - will continue to fall further behind developed nations.

Through interviews with leading scholars in this field, such as Philippe Quea, UNESCO'S Director of Information, and MIT's Michael Dertouzos (the only person to accurately predict the impact of the Internet), A MOBILE WORLD explores issues of privacy, the loss of freedom, and the aggravation of existing social inequalities. Insightful and thought provoking, it provides an objective analysis of the sweeping digital revolution.


49 minutes / color
Release: 2000
Copyright: 2000
Sale: $298

Subject areas:
Africa, Business and Economics, Communications, Economic Sociology, Geography, Globalization, Science and Technology, Western Europe

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