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First Place, National Council on
Family Relations
58 minutes
Sale/DVD (Chaptered): $248
Islamic Medical Association of
North America
American Society for Bioethics
and Humanities
58 minutes
Sale/DVD (Chaptered): $248
A cultural competence and diversity training
program for mental/behavioral health profes-
sionals and students dealing with multicultural
client populations. THE CULTURE OF
EMOTIONS covers cultural identity, expression
and explanations of illness, stressors and supports,
cultural elements of the clinician-patient relation-
ship, cultural assessment for differential diagnosis,
and treatment planning. Includes a facilitator’s
guide by Harriet Koskoff and Francis Lu, MD.
—Lewis A. Opler, MD, PhD,
in Psychiatric Services
A devout Afghan immigrant faces possible death
from stomach cancer but cultural and linguistic
confusions complicate his treatment in an American
hospital. When he embarks on a pilgrimage to
Mecca, doctors fear the family has underplayed the
disease’s gravity, while his family blames the system
for his declining health.
HOLD YOUR BREATH illuminates the role of cross-
cultural communication in healthcare, and the
urgent need for diversity training.
“A lovely andmovingmeditation on the clash between
religion, culture, andmodernmedicine.”
—Dr. Kahled Hosseini, author of The Kite Runner
The Culture of Emotions
A film by Harriet Koskoff
Award of Excellence, American
Medical Writers Association
69 minutes
Sale/DVD (Chaptered): $248
Explores the many ways that differences in
culture, race and ethnicity affect health and the
delivery of healthcare services, using cancer as a lens.
COMMUNITY VOICES focuses on interpretation
and communication, meanings of illness, patterns of
help-seeking, social and historical context, core
cultural issues, and building bridges.
“Very highly recommended... Two strengths that stand
out themost are its holistic approach to diversity and the
masterful inclusion of a variety of ethnicities.”
—MC Journal
Community Voices
Directed by Jennie Greene & Kim Newell
Produced by Harvard Center for Cancer Prevention
Hold Your Breath
A film by Maren Grainger-Monsen, MD and Julia Haslett
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