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Pregnancy inside the Oregon prison for
women is anything but a joyous celebration
of new life. If the women who deliver their
babies in prison can’t find a family member
to care for the infant, they will need to place
it in foster care, or choose adoption. In any
case, the newborn will be separated from its
mother at birth, with a very real possibility
that the two will never be reunited.
But there is an alternative: prison nurseries.
A SENTENCE FOR TWO also visits Bedford
Hills Correctional Facility in New York,
where Dr. Mary Byrne of Columbia
University studies the development of babies
during their first year of life inside a prison.
Her findings may point the way to better
meeting the needs of incarcerated women
and their babies.
Emory University Workshop on Women,
Incarceration and Human Rights
University of Oregon Law School,
Seminar on Women in Prison
58 minutes
Sale/DVD: $248
Filmed in patients’ homes and neighbor-
hoods, as well as hospitals and community
clinics, WORLDS APART is a series of four
short films about care for patients of
diverse backgrounds as they face critical
medical decisions and navigate the health-
care system.
The films follow cases such as those of a
devout Muslim from Afghanistan who
refuses chemotherapy, he fears it will
prevent him from observing daily prayers; a
family from Laos who worry that their
daughter will be harmed in a future incar-
nation by the scar left after life-saving
surgery; and an African-American health
policy analyst who believes he may wait
twice as long as a white patient for the
kidney transplant he needs.
Including a PDF study guide designed by
cross-cultural medicine educators Drs.
Alexander Green, Joseph Betancourt, and
Emilio Carrillo, WORLDS APART is an
invaluable tool for understanding sociocul-
tural barriers to patient-provider
“One of the best examples of introducing
cultural competency I have seen.”
—Carol Spector, MS, MHPE, Department of
Family Medicine, Midwestern University
47 minutes | color | 2003 |
Sale/DVD (Chaptered): $398
A Sentence for Two
A film by Randi Jacobs
Worlds Apart
Directed by Maren Grainger-Monsen, MD &
Julia Haslett
Produced by the Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics
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