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This series offers interaction and interven-
tion techniques to redirect or defuse
apparently irrational behaviors of patients
with Alzheimer’s or other forms of
dementia, while maintaining their dignity.
Features experienced caregivers, actual
provider-patient interactions, and vivid
examples of techniques that work. Each
program comes with a study guide:
Wandering: Is It a Problem?
Compassionate techniques for intervening
with patients who wander.
Resisting Care...
Putting Yourself in Their Shoes.
When patients resist care, they are often
struggling to preserve their own dignity and
understand the confusing world in which
they live.
Agitation...It’s a Sign.
Demonstrates appropriate and compas-
sionate techniques which can prevent or
diffuse patients’ anxiety, agitation and
“The best skill-building tool we’ve found. These
materials have helped even our most experi-
enced staff gain new insights, more confidence,
and greater satisfaction.”
—Timothy Fosnight,
RN, Retirement Home Administrator
42 minutes
Sale/DVD (Chaptered): $248
Filmmaker Eva Colmers follows seven elders
over age 80 for a period of two years,
recording their experiences as they face
potential physical and mental decline, and
try to maintain their quality of life. While
their backgrounds are different, they share
the desire to grow older with dignity and a
sense of control over their future.
“Sensitive, intimate andmoving... THE ELDER
PROJECT challenges singular views of older
adults as frail and dependent. It should be
required viewing for all whose professional and
personal lives bring them into contact with older
adults and for those who wish to grow old with
—Dr. Norah Keating, Chair,
North American Region, International
Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics
“Fulfills its purpose of illustrating various
caregiving options open to the elderly as their
needs increase. Recommended.”
—Video Librarian
2012 Film Festival,
Western Psychological Association
130 minutes
Sale/DVD (Chaptered): $248
Alzheimer’s Care
Directed by Margo Meisel
Produced for the Assisted Living Federation
of America
The Elder Project
Directed by Eva Colmers
Produced by the National Film Board of Canada
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