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Best Documentary Short,
2011 Directors Circle of Shorts
18 minutes
Sale/DVD (Chaptered): $189
46 minutes
Sale/DVD (Chaptered): $248
“Dramatically delivers its key message
that the brain can be physically altered
throughmental experience.”
—Science Books and Films
44 minutes
Sale/DVD: $248
The pain and loss in the aftermath of suicide
can be overwhelming. TOWARD
DAYLIGHT brings together the stories of five
people—some finding hope after the suicide of a
loved one, others rebuilding a healthier life after a
suicide attempt. Their stories are unique, but each
person faces the difficulty of achieving a full
recovery because of the anger, guilt, and stigma
surrounding suicide.
With the barrage of marketing campaigns,
television coverage of poker tournaments,
and easy online access to Texas Hold ‘em, it’s no
surprise that many teens struggle with serious
gambling problems. In GAMBLING BOYS we meet
a range of young gamblers, including an 18-year-old
who was wagering $10,000 a day. The film spotlights
a problem that is more widespread than many
parents and educators realize.
The discovery and growing awareness of neuroplas-
ticity has revolutionized our understanding of the
Based on the best-selling book by psychiatrist and
researcher Dr. Norman Doidge, CHANGING YOUR
MIND takes us through compelling neurological
cases to illustrate how the changing brain plays an
important role in treating mental diseases and disor-
ders, and explores research offering hope to those
with OCD, PTSD, and even schizophrenia.
Toward Daylight
A film by Barbara Bird
Gambling Boys
A film by Laura Turek
Changing Your Mind
From the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
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