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When Danica Terziski’s infant son died
following cardiac surgery, she thought it was
the hand of fate. But when she learned that
Daniel was one of 11 children to have
passed away during, or soon after, surgery
in the same unit at Winnipeg Health
Sciences Center, she realized it was a
medical error.
A landmark 1999 report by the Institute of
Medicine estimated that up to 98,000
Americans die of medical mistakes every
year—killed not by their conditions but by
the system designed to treat them.
KILLED BY CARE features interviews with
advocates, victims, and hospital administra-
tors. Many point to systemic flaws that
prevent mistakes from being recognized and
corrected. More than a decade after the
ground-breaking IOM article, this hard-
hitting documentary helps explain why the
culture of medical systems has made them
so slow to change.
“A worthy companion and successor to the IOM
report…KILLED BY CARE is highly recom-
—Charles J. Greenberg, Cushing/
Whitney Medical Library, Yale University, for
Educational Media Reviews Online
45 minutes
Sale/DVD: $248
Filmmaker-in-Residence is an innovative
documentary experiment in which media
maker Katerina Cizek was placed “in
residence” at Toronto’s inner-city St.
Michael’s Hospital, renowned for innovation
in patient care and research.
This groundbreaking project integrates
documentary filmmaking, “videobridging,”
photoblogs, digital storytelling and more to
produce a “collective intelligence” approach
that investigates complex health issues and
the integral role of collaboration across
disciplines and hierarchies to smash barriers
to improved outcomes.
What happens when homeless women
become mothers? How can doctors from
North America work hand-in-hand with HIV
activists in rural Africa? What can people who
have made multiple suicide attempts learn
from each other? These and other issues come
alive in this documentary, featuring seven
distinct yet interconnected experiments in
collaborative media and healthcare delivery.
project’s five-year history, investigating the
process from within as media makers join
health care workers to reflect on ethics,
interventionist filmmaking and shifting
cinematic genres. This DVD also features
two hours of bonus features.
81 minutes
Sale/DVD: $248
Killed By Care
From the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
The Seven Interventions
of Filmmaker-in-Residence
Directed by Heather Frise and Katarina Cizek
A National Film Board of Canada Production
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